NEST | TOGETHER is a collaborative nesting space to hold and hatch ideas, founded by both Kara Town and Sanam Miremadi.  An online journal focusing on thoughtful design. Together, we gather.

KARA TOWN is based in Adelaide, AUS, where she lives with her husband and three cats. Kara possesses a degree in Art Theory and History, a background in Fine Arts, studies in Fashion Design and has spent a number of years working alongside interior designers and architects as a Lighting Consultant.

Kara is also one half of Australian  stationery company AHD PAPER CO. which she runs with her husband, Chris. They specialise in limited edition, artist-designed greeting cards and wrapping paper, printed locally with environmentally sound credentials. With over 200 stockists nation-wide, as well as stockists in both the US and NZ, Kara currently works full-time on AHD PAPER CO. from a studio on their property. 


SANAM MIREMADI is based in Seattle, USA, where she lives with her two spirited little boys. She possesses degrees in Communication and Fashion Design with a background in the Arts. 

Driven by curiosity and a need to create, Sanam is also the creative and maker behind ChloeTouran. With an appreciation for the unlikely and imperfect her inspiration comes from connecting opposites. From rock to mountain, minimalism to abundance, free of form and boundaries.

Kara Town & Sanam Miremadi