As you may or may not know, Sanam Miremadi, Michele Andrews and I connected just six months ago over the wonderful world that is instagram. Both Sanam and Michele are based in the US (Seattle) and I'm all the way 'down under' in Australia. Whilst the space between us seems impossibly infinite at times, a virtual meeting via words of support on instagram resulted in a subsequent courtship and whirlwind romance; soon the space between us was no longer an obstacle. What brought us together, and has continued to connect us daily, is our love of the aesthetic value found within a number of creative outlets, and near the very top of that list is [ ARCHITECTURE ].

We often (and by often, I mean daily) exchange thoughts and incidentals via international messaging. This morning when I opened up my laptop, ready to sit and trawl the internet, I came across the architectural delight of JORIS BROUWERS & NICKY ZWAAN via FREUNDE VON FREUNDEN (possibly one of the most inspiring interview-based magazines, featuring the homes and studios of a number of creatives worldwide). Needless to say, I was immediately on it. Soon all three of us were simultaneously trawling the images, reading the interview and being suitably impressed by what we delightedly devoured.

There are many advantages to having a lust for aesthetic value, foremost it's the immediate visual stimulation we receive. I find as I grow older however, the gravitational pull toward the tactile and interest in the underlying processes that go into making those objects of aesthetic pleasure has only increased tenfold. And so, my husband and I have this dream of building our own architectural delight one day. Like BROUWERS and ZWAAN we too have toyed with the idea of being completely involved in the design and construction phase, so to see this home, in its modest glory, with angles, finishes and light that I can only one day dream of, was the perfect start to my morning.  


WORDS | Kara Town [ kara_town ]