Do not lie to yourself. Inside all of us there remains, or has lived, a 12 year old version of ourselves who has fantasized about her knight in shinning armour. Except this (above) is my fantasy and my knight is not wearing armor. Instead he is effortlessly clothed in textures and layers of wool and possibly even cashmere. His messy head of hair flirts with the elements and he knowingly wears his beard like a badge of honour. Oh, did I mention he even offers to selflessly carry our children while we explore the rugged terrain together?

In all seriousness (and my school girl fantasies aside), this is some truly brilliant men's styling. Kara and I are both so appreciative of clean and minimal menswear. When I stumbled onto these images earlier today it took me right back to our interview with M.PATMOS where we explored her design approach and vision. This for me has the same sensibility and is just as well executed, but on a man. I find myself admiring again the idea of 'abundance' resulting in 'minimalism'. An abundance of layers, textures and silhouettes again coming together to achieve a modern, clean and minimal look. Appeasing my outlook on men's styling and apparently my 12 year old self. 


WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ chloetouran ]

IMAGES | Vassilis Karidis for Dapper Dan Magazine