My first experience with COS was in 2010, my husband and I were living in Paris, walking around the Jewish Quarter of Le Marais looking for the infamous L'As du Falafel (it's the place with the yellow napkins by the way, and may I stress the only falafel to eat in Paris) when we stumbled across COS. I had not heard of COS before, perhaps it was because I was coming from Australia, but I remember walking into the store and thinking, 'so this is where you get all of your timeless basics in every considered colour imaginable.' I promptly bought two t-shirt dresses and a leather tee, all of which I still wear to this day, some four years later. COS understand modern silhouettes, relaxed proportions, fabric and colour palettes of the season. There are no unnecessary embellishments or trickery hidden in their clothing just good old fashioned structure and function coming together to form style. 

In recent years COS has migrated to Australian shores, but I'm yet to visit the Melbourne store. Whilst I'm not one for purchasing an entire outfit from stores like COS, I do find merit in their ability to offer the general public a much tamer version of 'fast fashion' with pieces that are both of the season and actually stand the test of time.

WORDS | Kara Town