Located in Great Karoo, a semidesert region of South Africa, this passive solar house cleverly harvests its power from the harsh climate and dramatic landscape it proudly sits amongst. Designed by Jennifer Beningfield of London's Openstudio Architects, it was built for a family of avid stargazers who wanted this vacation home to be the antithesis of their family home in London. The home, set in a faraway place with cloudless skies, both heats and cools itself without the use of technology, the positioning of windows and shutters are directly related to the constellations, all materials used in the construction, design and interior of the home are chosen specifically for their environmental credentials... and every single detail, down to the textural relationships between materials, seasonal changes and the presence of the building itself amongst the landscape, have been thought out in almost incomprehensible detail by the architect. There's something about people wanting to build modest, purpose-built homes that both respect their given environment and the environment at large (both inside and out) that is architecturally awe inspiring. Something to work toward, one day.

WORDS | Kara Town

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