" Flower artist Azuma Makoto created the work ‘Leaf Man’, blending human and plant that appears frequently in his dreams. In those dreams, there is a mysterious creature that neither comes closer nor disappears, but simply loiters mutely. Every activity of Azuma Makoto focuses on elevating value of flowers and plants by finding unique and mysterious forms that they posses. Respecting the existence of nature and keeping its dignity, he converts and expresses these beautiful elements into aesthetic artworks. " [ IGNANT ]


Plants make me truly happy. In them I find creativity and a kind of unparalleled sanctuary. They have become such an integral a part of my life, that my home and creative projects are consumed by them. So, you can only imagine how refreshing it was for me to come across the work of Azuma Makoto. Seeing a medium I love (that over time has dominated my daily routine) in this new light felt as though it were a gift, an inspiring gift to say the least. Minimalism and abundance co-inhabit his work and compliment his chosen medium beautifully. Makoto's 'Leaf Man' series undeniably captured me in a way that felt truly personal, refreshingly though, his body of work as a whole successfully carries this same quality and balance that drew me to 'Leaf Man'. With such, it simply leaves me wanting more...


WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

IMAGES | Shiinoki