If you know me, you know I covet hats; in particular, straw hats. While most of mine, to this date, have been found whilst thrifting, the art of millinery has always been of interest to me. I even considered a career as a milliner as a child, you know, along with being a veterinarian and my father's secretary. Speaking of my father, perhaps such an interest was due to that fact that he always told me how beautiful I looked in hats, from a very young age. I remember trying a them on in our local department store and him insisting he buy me one. It's true, positive affirmations do go a long way.

So in short, I've always felt comfortable in a hat, one adornment I have consistently welcomed into my wardrobe year-round. This brings me to CLYDE, a hat and accessories label designed by Dani Griffiths and based out of New York. There's something both nostalgic and timeless about Clyde, in my mind this makes every piece completely wearable, accessible and suitable for day-to-day wear. In this day and age hats also serve as respite from the sun, something we in Australia know all-too-well about. When a hat successfully combines practicality and fashion, it's a must; so... WELCOME TO CLYDE.

WORDS | Kara Town