Nicolette Johnson is a photographer who hails from Texas and now lives with her partner Tom, and sweet cat Lola, in their delightful apartment in Brisbane's West End. Having originally moved to Australia with her family at the age of fourteen (Nicolette's father is a geologist, meaning his work took him places far and wide) she decided to stay on, even when her family returned. At the age of twenty three, Nicolette has been living here for almost ten years now. Having both previously lived with others in shared living, this is Nicolette and Tom's first home, together:

"The building we live in is an Art Deco-style building from the 1920s and has all the quirks that go with it, including a tiny little kitchen, no built-in storage, gorgeous hardwood floors, and a sweet little curved-wall in the sun room (which we use as a dining nook).  Tom and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else right now, as he walks to uni every day, and I walk to work every day, and any days we have off we usually walk into West End to have breakfast or shop for groceries or sit in the parks.  The apartment is situated so that different rooms get different amounts of sun during the day, and so the living room is bright and sunny in the morning, and come afternoon the kitchen is drenched in sunlight, which I love. Living in the inner city has its downsides too, like not knowing if I'll get a car park the next day, traffic noise, and the odd boisterous person who's voice carries a bit too loudly on their way home from a drunken night on the town.  But the upsides of this little place make the downsides worth it, and ultimately all of the aspects, good and bad, are what make it home for us."

I came across Nicolette's instagram some time ago and was immediately taken, in particular, by the images she shared of her apartment. Her beautifully curated interior, coupled with our shared love of mid-century furniture, found objects and indeed her undeniable photographic instinct,  just drew me in:

"My style is informed by a lot of different places and eras.  I draw inspiration from the mid-century style of the 1950s and 60s, Scandinavia, the American Southwest (where I'm originally from), Japanese style, and the notion of 'wabi sabi'- the idea that everything is imperfect and everything is temporary.  With these inspirations in mind I've built my collection of furniture very slowly, picking up a couple of pieces here and there.  I find most of my treasures on local second-hand websites or in op shops and usually never pay over $100 for a big piece of furniture.  So cheap and stylish is the game."

I recently asked Nicolette if she would be interested in photographing her space for NEST | TOGETHER to share with you, the results are just beautiful. 


WORDS | Kara Town & Nicolette Johnson

IMAGES | Nicolette Johnson