I'm very often guilty of walking into a store and heading directly over to the men's section, completely bypassing the women's section, shoes included (I've recently discovered I fit rather comfortably into the smallest men's shoe size available, what a moment!). For me, there is just something about men's clothing; the way a crotch hangs and the shoulders fall, the drape of a jacket. There's also the fact that it's made for men, there's definitely something in that alone. Be it the power of a woman confident in men's clothing or more personally, the obvious throwback to my childhood where I insisted on dressing like a boy. Either way, designer Christophe Lemaire knows the balance between the two. His men's collections have the perfect amount of women's tailoring and vice versa.  To me, he's it. Right now, he is THE designer. He can do no wrong.

WORDS | Kara Town