The girls and I immerse ourselves in all aspects of design and stye daily, having formed an appreciation for both from many different perspectives, and on a number of levels. So, when Kara came across the work of Marcia Patmos of M.Patmos we immediately felt we had found something special and refreshing in her point of view.  Pictured above is the winning outfit that placed Marcia as the USA womenswear representative in the International Woolmark Prize. In looking through Marcia's work I find myself astonished at how 'abundance' can in fact result in 'minimalism'. Marcia is able to create and put together an abundance of layers, textures and silhouettes  while achieving a modern, chic and minimal look. M.Patmos is definitely a brand to watch and we think, invest in. We have a feeling these timeless pieces could live quite happily in our closets for seasons to come. 

In interviewing Marcia Patmos for this post, I was delighted to find the designer just as refreshing and inspiring as her collections. 


There is nothing like great work (being pulled together with such a thoughtful process) getting recognized. This year has been a great one for you; being recognized by the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, being named "one of the top 50 innovative fashion companies in the world" by Fast Company Magazine and then representing the USA in womenswear for the International Woolmark prize! How are you feeling and what does the rest of this year have in store for you?


We are doing an event for fashion week with one of our new retailers in New York called Kisan. That should be fun! I am also working on a top-secret collaboration with an artist for spring 15. M.Patmos for Club Monaco collaboration is about to ship for fall - a super luxe capsule of knitwear - shearling, cashmere, chunky wools, etc...all good! I just had a briefing for round two of the competition in Beijing in March. A lot of work ahead, but super exciting!!!!

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I'm a bit captured and can't help feeling proud of you for being recognized for your innovation. It's such a blurred line at times, dancing between innovation and imitation, how do you keep yourself connected, inspired and these lines from blurring?

[ MP ]

I do and I don't pay attention to what is going on. I look at a lot of things in the city and world. My inspiration comes from everything around me - nature, textiles, classic menswear, art, graffiti, construction materials and layers of things going on all over the place.

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We absolutely love your pieces and styling for the Woolmark competition. There is something just fantastic about putting together layer upon layer, mixing textures and silhouettes, while still achieving a modern and minimal look. It is well documented that less is more, but I love your idea for the traveling woman and if she was to lose her luggage she'd have enough layered on her not to fret. What do you think is the key to wrapping yourself in a cocoon of garments without over doing it?  

[ MP ]

Thank you so much! Part of it comes from the neutral palette. It keeps it grounded and chic. Everything goes together, but there are elements of contrast that make it feel modern. The contrast in color as well as the mix of super fine and chunky, matte and shiny, pattern and solid etc...within the garment create different places for the eye to look while remaining harmonious.

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The girls at NEST and I believe in investing in timeless pieces, what's been in your closet the longest?

[ MP ]

I have many things for many years - one of my favourite items is a Helmut Lang coat I bought at Barneys about 15 or 16 years ago (when the actual Helmut Lang was designing). I also have some great Margiela and MM6 jackets that never go out of style. There is a great repurposed pair of levi cords into a skirt that i have had forever as well, I got it in Los Angeles at Ron Herman 17 or so years ago and it's still good. I also have some good vintage jackets, scarves, boots, etc. that are timeless if you are in the right mood. I have items from my first collection that are still great and I wear them all the time, in fact we reinvent or reissue certain styles over the new seasons. 

Marcia's favorites from her current collection... 


WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

EDITORIAL IMAGES | Nico IlIev Photography