The Sussex House by Wilkinson King Architects is another great example of indoor/outdoor living and unobtrusive design. Overlooking views of South Downs in the English countryside, the Sussex House was designed in layers that mimic the linear views of the surrounding meadows and hills. The entire structure designed to connect you with the landscape at every opportunity. 

Conceptually the London-based owners tasked Wilkinson King with creating a contemporary retreat that evoked the shapes and materials of its natural surroundings:

"The clients were passionate about creating a contemporary building that truly engages with andresponds to the rural landscape using materials that are natural and sit well in this context."   

The house is situated between a formal garden and a meadow of wild flowers. As you walk the the pathway through the formal garden to the homes main entrance you are met with a glass box that drifts through the space and overlooks the meadow beyond. 

"The wide first floor corridor is animated by the tilted ceiling planes which create a ripple effect and give a feeling of momentum towards the views to the east and west through the large windows at either end."

Having won a RIBA regional award [ British Institute of Royal Architects ] the home was described by the organization as 'quietly confident'. We agree completely.

WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ chloetouran ]

IMAGES | Wilkinson King Architects 

QUOTES | Architect Julian King via Dezeen