O S K L E N  by  Oskar  Metsevaht

At its core Osklen is both thoughtful and encouraging as a brand, driven by founder and Creative Director Oskar Metsevaht, whose process is focused on culture and how it translates into elements of style. Pulling inspiration almost always from personal experiences lends Metsevaht a platform to create concepts with meaning and function beyond fashion. 

Spring 2016 is a articulation of Metsevaht's experience last year living in the Amazon jungle amongst the Ashaninka tribe. Elements of his experiences in the jungle, with the tribe and even rituals he was invited to participate in, reflected in the overall concept and intimate details of the collection.

The Ashaninka's respect for beauty his greatest take-away... 

'The meaning of aesthetics is very important for them. Beauty, for them means strength and sensuality- for man or for woman. And that's exactly what fashion is.' For Metsavaht, who juggles sustainability with a luxury sensibility, the Ashaninka reinforced an idea about which he is already passionate: That fashion, frivolous though it may sometimes be portrayed, is far from meaningless.

Follow this link to read more on Metsavaht's experience in the Amazon and in creating this collection. 

WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

QUOTE | Oskar Metsavaht and Hayley Phelan via Vogue 

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