Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Blurb as they hosted an intimate night of dining at the Penny Royal, located at the Palladian Hotel in downtown Seattle. If you aren't familiar with Blurb, it's probably a good idea to familiarise yourself - in short, they are a platform that makes self-publishing and marketing truly accessible and attainable to everyone. There is a true sense of innovation when a platform like Blurb empowers, supports and makes progression accessible to the creative, the artists or the maker; allowing them to take their craft to the next level within their means and independently. 

Currently Blurb is on the road '#blurbroadshow' promoting their platform and connecting with creatives in different communities. For their Seattle stop we were treated to an evening of lessons in pairings, plates + fine cocktails. It was enlightening learning about pairings and the importance of not only balance amongst the flavors of dish and drink, but also how each can enhance the other. Such a treat then to have all our learnings followed by plate after plate (and drink after drink!) to truly experience the coming together of all these flavor pairings for ourselves. 

A list of our pairings can be found below and my two favorites pictured above! 

N E G R O N I  

+ paired with beef tartar, fermented chili rhubarb sauce, black garlic and a quail egg. 


+ paired with roast foie, peach mustarda and toast.

T E Q U I L A  D A I S Y

+ paired with roast pork lion, grilled corn, new onion, squash blossom and goat cheese.

O L D  F A S H I O N E D  B O U R B O N  [ pictured above ]

+ paired with dry aged ribeye, roast carrot, cayenne vinaigrette, feta and hazelnut.  

O L D  F A S H I O N E D  R U M  [ pictured above ]

+ paired with roast apple, local Beechers' cheese and molasses caramel. 

HOST | Blurb @blurbbooks #blurbraodshow

WORDS + IMAGES | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

DRINKS | Penny Royal 

BITES | Shaker + Spear