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Good design is a bit of an experience for me, beyond being a purchase or acquisition, it almost always has a story to tell conceptually and it's usually about its creator. Apart from form and function, the person behind the project is almost always just as inspiring as the project itself. My first thoughts when reading about interior and product designer Adam Hunter were "...I know this guy,  he gets his hands into everything." and "...I bet design weaves itself seamlessly throughout all aspects of his life". It's Adams own experiences, talent and approach to design that really top off all things he touches - resulting in thoughtfull injections of design that will enhance any space. 

[ Sanam Miremadi ] What is your design approach and aesthetic? 

[ Adam Hunter ] Restrained drama, with the ability to use fresh, joyful textiles as well as brilliant metallics and neutrals in every space. 

[ SM ] I'm so curious as to if the design process is all encompassing for you or if you take on approach/aesthetic project to project, medium to medium? 

[ AH ] I try to create conceptual spaces that are unified by my hand selected collection of art and custom made furniture. I try to keep that as the common thread with all of my projects. For myself it's all about taking risks and I LOVE it. I can be a bit bold and creative. 

[ SM ] Design weaves itself fluidly throughout your life. What are you most fuelled and inspired by? How do you pick your projects? 

[ AH ] I consider myself fortunate to be doing what I love and to surround myself with things that are beautiful and well designed. But these things are only worthwhile when you can share them and enjoy them with others. I am inspired by meeting great people, having great dinners with friends in a gorgeous space, or traveling with my family to relax and explore a new place. This all inspires me and creates a beautiful mood board in my mind that is manifested into each project and product. 

[ SM ] Design has the power to change a space and even your day-to-day. Kara and I have talked in the past about the need for better design in the objects we use daily and out of necessity. As a community when we want to improve a space or experience we immediately think big picture or big ticket, often neglecting the objects that we interact with the most. Coming across STND, your simple but very thoughtful iPhone base and charger is a reminder that we don't have to compromise good design out of necessity and that the smallest details can make the biggest impact. I know this is silly to say but your marble charger makes me happy. Charing my phone has always been routine and mundane, an unnoticeable daily exercise; now every time I charge my phone I have this single moment where I appreciate this little marble block my phone sits on. It's like an unexpected 'high five' as you're going about your daily routine, and who doesn't want that?! 

How important is marrying form and function in your process? 

[ AH ] I think its so very important. it's about the client's needs and how they live. I must find ways to interpret their being into the physical space. I actually am in the process of designing my own home which is a laboratory of sorts for ideas,  I am experimenting with many different ways to marry form and function into my own space. 

[ SM ] What inspired you to design STND? 

[ AH ] I am such a technology nerd. I love all the new high tech gadgets that come out, and purchase most of them. I've been wanting to develop this for a while now, and I really wanted to marry my love of design and technology and make something special that will look good in the home or office. The creative freedom is intoxicating, it's such a true expression of me as a designer at this moment and everything I love.

[ SM ] What role did material choice and sculpture play in the conception of STND?

[ AH ] I wanted the finest marble to make sure buyers are investing in an object that not only charges their phone, but looks beautiful in a house and or on a desk at the office - technological art. I definitely wanted it to be upright, like a throne for your phone. We wanted it to be slim so that it's not too heavy or chunky, but with sleek edges and detail. We chose carrara marble because of its high quality and how it has been used since ancient Rome. It took a couple of prototypes, but we are so happy with the final results. 

[ SM ] As someone who can compose and curate an entire space, what impact do you feel thoughtful details like STND can make both overall and routinely? 

[ AH ] Designing a line of products right now is a new venture for me and through the process I'm realizing that these pieces need to resonate, they need to reflect me, very similar to why you would hire an interior designer to decorate your home. Also the more I listen to my instincts and what excites me, the stronger the collections get. That being said, I am definitely influenced by what is out in the world but I use it as a springboard rather than a blueprint. 

[ SM ] What are some of your favorite details and objects in your own personal space right now?

[ AH ] I surround myself with things that have personal meaning or have a story to tell; gifts from friends, and family heirlooms. For me personal, meaningful items trump everything else. I have two very special chairs that I came across when I was antiquing in Paris. The chairs are not only beautiful, but the trip alone was very sentimental and memorable. When I look at these two chairs, I will always remember that trip. 

[ SM ] And I have to close with bringing up that you performed on Broadway for over 10 years! I recently shared an art collectors space where his home was an inviting fusion of living + gallery, which makes me curious how the stage has incorporated itself within your approach to space and design, if indeed at all?

[ AH ] Through years of working in the theater, it truly refined my creative vision. With my leading roles on Broadway, I was surrounded by dramatic sets, costumes, and imagery. Through this experience, I developed an innate aesthetic of the dramatic and center stage. These relationships of bound story threads helped to manifest the evolution of my career into design. 

WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

DESIGNER | Adam Hunter

IMAGES | AdamHunterInc.com