There is a subtle sense of luxury imbued within every Lee Mathews collection; a label that understands the notion of less is more, and one where attention to detail continues to reign supreme. That, coupled with the fact that Lee Mathews is a designer who understands the intrinsic pairing of fabric with design, makes for a rather beautiful outcome - perhaps best expressed in her latest collection, 'Untitled, W2016.' 

What can be duly described as an holistic extension of previous collections, 'Untitled, W2016' boasts a signature monochrome palette with seamless bursts of colour, as well as free-falling silhouettes only exacerbated by their thoughtful textile choice and handmade techniques. This collection sees the Lee Mathews dialogue gently continue, murmuring elegant sweet nothings through every piece, all whilst speaking quietly to the mindful amongst us - buy less, invest in quality more often and associate yourself with designers who, like Lee Mathews, believe in the gift of the ability of clothing to transform and grow with your body, for years to come.

In alignment with the Lee Mathews ethos, is the newly opened Glenmore Road boutique in Paddington, Sydney. A fusion of everything Mathews stands for, the perfect way to showcase the designer's impeccable eye, a successful embodiment of the Lee Mathews lifestyle.

WORDS | Kara Town

IMAGES | courtesy of LEE MATHEWS


STYLING | Megha Kapoor
HAIR | Alan White
MAKEUP | Gillian Campbell
MODEL | Emily Meuleman @ IMG