It the red-eye hours of the night when my babes are tucked into bed and the entire house is silent, I find a bit of 'me time'. Cup of tea in hand, I finally sit down with 'The Kinfolk Home', another sharing of slow living by Kinfolk. An exploration of spaces with intention and individuals who embrace the slow living principles, '...cultivating community, simplifying our lives and reclaiming time for what matters most'. 

Skimming through the books beautifully curated pages, I find myself repeatedly flipping back to the space of Geraldine Cleary. Injections of mid-century modernist and contemporary arts are elegantly married together in a wash of natural light provided by the homes indoor/outdoor features. This interplay also lends itself to filling the home with warmth and invitation, adding balance to the homes gallery-like elements.

'The atmosphere of the house as a whole is calming, uplifting and comforting, and the changes in the light and shadows from morning to night and from one season to the next are sustaining.'

Finishing my cup of tea in my little late night corner of calm, dreaming of spaces like Geraldine's that evoke an all encompassing sense of tranquility and comfort. Yes please. 

WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

IMAGES | Sharyn Cairns for 'The Kinfolk Home'

QUOTE | Geraldine Clearly via Kinfolk 

ARCHITECT | Donovan Hill Architects