H O W A R D    A W   2 0 1 6


I recently had the pleasure of being hosted in Portland by HOWARD designer Britt Howard. Having admired Britt's designs, attention to materials and commitment to quality & ethical production practices for some time, I hopped on a train,  eager to experience both designer and collection in person. 

EXPERIENCING BRITT | It's taken me a bit of time to pull this post together. Mostly, Britt herself left such a lasting impression on me that I wanted to highlight her as a woman and designer alongside her collection. Being the kind of creative who dives all in and pours her heart & soul into projects, HOWARD truly mirrors its creator. With her designs Britt is able to capture timelessness and evoke a sense of comfort. This also rings true to her own generous nature and infectiously spirited personality that harness a similar experience of comfort and engagement. 

EXPERIENCING HOWARD | With both thoughtful choices in silhouette and materials, Britt has pulled together a collection that is versatile, timeless and can speak to any woman. Exploring femininity, sexuality and luxury in a modernest package that is always comfort based. Allowing 'experience' being a common thread in all Howard collections, each garment feels good on the body, hangs where it needs to and compliments movement. Comfort creating a foundation for confidence that then allows the wearer to focus entirely on experience. 


'Beauty is found in the experience of the clothes by the woman.' - HOWARD


WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

DESIGNER | Britt Howard 

IMAGES | Eddie Chacon for Howard

STYLING | Sissy Sainte-Marie Chacon 

QUOTE | via Howard