S  E  A  S  H  O  R  E    L  I  B  R  A  R  Y  |  Sitting at ease on the white sands of China's eastern coastline in Beidaihe New District, is a 'gentle giant' of a project by Vector Architects that has me in awe. It captures me in a similar manner as the works of James Turrell, where the relationship between light, space and materials creates an engaging, meditative and tranquil experience. Conceptually alone the project is awe-inspiring, a vast structure made of manmade material in complete harmony with its natural environment.

The concrete structure was cast on-site over a board-lined formwork to leave behind a grained and outlined imprint, reminiscent of the marks left on the sand when the sea breaks in great waves. "It implies a mark of memory in time. Wood grains are the marks of the realization process that we want to leave on the library." - Vector  Architects

The use of concrete and material driven design lends itself to creating a sense of complimentary opposites. Where you feel you should find contrast, you'll instead find a sense of relationship and amenity between concrete and coastline. It's both inviting and complimenting the essence of the sea with expansive spaces that open into panoramic views (or closed ones) that are illuminated by linear windows and reverberating with the sound of the ocean. 

WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

ARCHITECTS | Vector Architecture 

LOCATION | Beidaihe New District, China. 

IMAGES | Xai Zhi

QUOTE | via Yatzer