Celebrating and accepting the beauty in imperfection is New Zealand label, Mahsa. Their debut collection 'Beautiful Imperfection' uses "...raw textures including muslin, voiles and linen charm with frayed edges, soft billowing sleeves and soft bows. Safari colours and a modern utility anchor the range, making it trans-seasonal and easily layered, mixed and matched."

There is something quite transfixing and timeless about the way Mahsa has approached each design in this collection. There is a subtle strength in their femininity, and indeed, in the way in which they present their collection. Simple silhouettes stand alone yet speak volumes, with quiet detailing at the forefront of each piece (including the Japanese Beret). For Mahsa "...the feel of the clothes and the way they wear, individually and together, is very important. Keeping it simple with unique details where it counts.” 

WORDS | Kara Town

QUOTES | Mahsa

IMAGES | Mahsa   ( Photographer | Derek Henderson )