A T E L I E R   D E   T R O U P E  |  With a focus on narrative, craftsmanship and an holistic approach to creation, Los Angeles based design studio Atelier de Troupe is putting out a level of craft that evokes a sense of timelessness and innovation. Sculptural in form and relevant in function, from lighting to furnishings, each piece is individually artful but plays a role within the relationship and narrative of space and design.  

[ Sanam Miremadi ] What has been your vision for Atelier de Troupe?

[ Atelier de Troupe ] Atelier de Troupe stemmed from our frustrated effort as filmmakers, we want to create scenes from the likes of Visconti, Bunuel, Melville or Godard. We search for the narrative in our creations and we collaborate with other designers and architects in the same way.

[ SM ] What does your creative approach look like, from conception into your actual process of creation?

[ A de T ] We like to start with a particular atmosphere, stage a 'set' where objects will live, and then start building these objects, first with cardboard then into fully fledged objects of desire.

[ SM ] I also believe that design is even more so enhanced when it serves a function, gifting us with a thoughtful approach to objects that are routine in our lives. It is also within the interplay of form + function that we are able to maintain a sense of relevance and create timelessness.

What are your thoughts on this relationship? 

[ A de T ] Function is always the motive, but beauty of form is the finality. 

[ SM ] What is the importance of this relationship within your designs and process?

[ A de T ] Everything is about the right shape, if a 'perfect' shape serves as a functional object as well, it is a perfect synthesis. 

[ SM ] Lately, I've been admiring and recognizing the idea of 'complimentary opposites'. As a minimalist at heart, I've always admired material driven design or a singular approach to production. However, there is something really beautiful that happens when you marry or bring about balance amongst opposites. I have this running through my head after reading that you explore both handmade and industrial modes of fabrication.

What does this process look like?

[ A de T ] The process sometimes comes by being inspired by the great minds we admire. Marrying the old and the new. Go Ponti, in 1936, projected a rich set of technically and formally innovative lighting devices as the 'illuminator' it was the first indirect light fixtures, that is to say a lamp that creates upwards reflection, never conceived in Italy before, his designs are will modern and innovative today. 

[ SM ] Has this in a way empowered your process and given you more flexibility in design?

[ A de T ] The constraint is that everything good has already been done, so we are just refreshing some of these ideas. 

[ SM ] For me personally, architecture is such a driving force in what inspires me and I see so much of it within the works of A de T. Your pieces could have seamlessly lived in the spaces of or amongst the works of the greats; Wright, Neutra, Eames, Koenig and so on. 

How has architecture, if at all, played muse within your process?

[ A de T ] I am not sure. This quote from Italian architect and designer Caccia Dominioni comes to mine though, 'a serious architect who wants to create good architecture must start from the inside, not the outside. The arrangement of the individual furnishings and fittings determines the partitioning of the living space and therefore also dictates the placement of doors and windows'. 

[ SM ] Is there a specific res or movement that inspires you?

[ A de T ] We are big fans of the Constructivism Movements in art and design history, like Bauhaus and De Stijl movements. Abstract art influenced the designers of that period. The stripping down of Gropius and a Le Corbusier, the 'Rationalism' of a Gio Ponti. 

[ SM ] You also currently work closely with architects and interior designers, how have these relationships inspired your and translated into your designs?

[ A de T ] Yes, working in collaboration with other designers and architects, is like working on a movie, their ideas influence us and a collaborative effort is always enriching. 

[ SM ] I loved seeing that Atelier de Troupe is now available at The Line NYC and LA. Such beautiful curation and interiors, your designs are at complete ease within their assortment.

What are some of your favorite spaces or projects Atelier de Troupe as been apart of to date?

[ A de T ] Hotels are best for the collaborative narrative. Hotel de Ministere in Paris and the ACE hotels are some of our favorites. 

[ SM ] Whats next for Atelier de Troupe?

[ A de T ] Search for the next perfect design narrative experience. Having fun. 

WORDS | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

DESIGNERS | Atelier de Troupe 

IMAGES | via L' HOTEL DU MINISTERE and Atelier de Troupe