New Zealand-based artist Ophelia Mikkelson's bathing rituals have been photographed by Nastassia Bruckin for Sans [ceuticals] at her beach-side home in Tairua, New Zealand. 

The idea of personal rituals is at the heart of Sans [ceuticals]. Investigated by psychologists and widely documented by anthropologists, the roles rituals play in our lives are extremely therapeutic—connecting body and mind, enhancing creativity, and making us more effective in our everyday. But these rituals don’t have to be grand, candle-lit, Gregorian chanting feats. To us, they are more of a personal, seemingly insignificant, habitual gesture.

With this in mind, we’re intrigued by the quirks and idiosyncrasies around the rituals that bring depth and character to the women we admire. With the heart of their values aligned, Sans and Ophelia celebrate what it means to live with only the pure and necessary. 

All Sans [ceuticals] ingredients are pure and sustainable, with no harmful additives. Made fresh in small batches, the Sans [ceuticals] collection is 100 percent naturally derived and made in New Zealand. 

MODEL | Ophelia Mikkelson 

PHOTOGRAPHER | Nastassia Bruckin 

THANK YOU TO | Sans [ceuticals]