Sherie Muijs WEAR + CARE

Made to last, the utility and quality of a well made shirt is almost an indulgence, and certainly an investment. Static and timeless, yet also ever changing, cotton softens with countless wears and creases form as shadows of routine. Like all personal items, clothes have their own narrative; they’ve experienced what we have. Soaking up the same sights and scents, they start to show their history. With the proper care and mending, your shirt can endure for years - validating the relation between cost and use. The way you care for your shirt also reveals your own values; the simple act of stitching a button back on or darning a hole may seem insignificant, but the implications of these conscious choices are increasingly important as we seek to make ethical consumer choices.

In response to this, shirtmaker Sherie Muijs has created a WEAR + CARE manual with easy to follow instructions on how best to care for your white shirt. Simplifying the processes surrounding washing, hanging, ironing and mending, the manual's information is now available both online and as a fold out print - complimentary with any order. 


TEXT | Emma Gleason

IMAGERY | Yasmine Ganley

MANUAL DESIGN | Natasha Mead