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'My story is that I have always created design and concepts that reflect the time we live in. My path has travelled through the field of fashion towards this lifestyle concept that touches our senses. During my 25 years as a designer, co-founding the Swedish fashion brand HOPE, I have constantly lived my life in the fast lane focusing on the future. NOW has never been on my agenda. Neither has goals been described as feelings. I came to a point where I was missing the feeling of present life. I started searching for tools to support my need to be in the moment. I discovered that a fantastic way to get in contact with myself was to include my senses.

They helped me reach into my body and create a sensor between the world around me and my emotional mood. By using the sense of smell, touch, taste and hearing I started to experience life more. I wanted to bring home tools for the senses, like scents, ceramic oil burners and gem stones. But I was missing products that were carrying both native wisdom, from the world of spirituality, and a design for my urban life that matched my aesthetic style. I started to visualize a design concept combining these two needs. My new brand, founded from my own experience and conviction was born.'



There is definitely something to be said for experiences in life that allow us pause, moments to take inventory and truly experience the now.; to be present and engaged in one's own life. Ann Ringstrand, owner-founder of Swedish fashion brand HOPE Stockholm, latest venture into scents, jewelry, art and object is such an experience. 

The idea of 'being present' is simple enough but in today's reality where we reward urgency, multitasking, are constantly connected to devices and often live outside of ourselves... it isn't simply achieved. Rather an art or lifestyle that needs to be honed, requiring tools or practices to help us stay rooted in the now. A change to our daily rhythm that can enhance our quality of life and relationships is something I think we can all appreciate and most likely crave. 

It was the desire for this change and the search for being more present in one's own life that inspired Ringstrand to live a more dimensional life. Focusing on meditation, health, family and the conception of this newest venture. This art of living Ann sought for herself, she has now beautifully translated into an assortment of scents and objects that serve as tools in sensory experience - pulled together by Ann's masterful eye for design and created with the intention to aid in experience. All designs are subtly evocative, connecting to our senses without derailing us from the present. 

Find your experience here.


WORDS & POST | Sanam Miremadi [ ChloeTouran ]

DESIGNER | Ann Ringstrad




New from jeweler J. Hannah, a line of carefully-edited, high quality polishes for the color-resistant. Polishes that consider the gracefulness of hands, and the role of subtle color as an element in the considered wardrobe.

Eleven colors inspired by artists’ palettes, natural elements, and the muses who we envision channeling specific colors or moods.

All polishes are seven-free, highly-pigmented, made in the USA.


IMAGES & TEXT | via J.Hannah

POST | Kara Town