Given the way each fabric falls, flows and flawlessly fondles the body in a very subtle manner, with styles kept simple, quietly resisting the need to reinvent themselves season-after-season (and in doing so managing to reject the seemingly unavoidable trends in fashion), you can see why THE ROW have been aptly referred to (albeit in passing) as a 'lifestyle' brand more recently by VOGUE. Perhaps it's why I gravitate towards them so much? There is something pure about their intent in the fashion world, pure and unassuming in the greatest sense of the words. When I saw the first ensemble below, all I could think about was swanning around our humble garden in the heat of the southern Australian summer, clad head-to-toe in THE ROW. Let's face it, it's not going to happen anytime soon unless I receive a serious cash injection, but I'll thoroughly enjoy attempting to recreate this look in a bid to live out THE ROW's irresistible vision...

WORDS | Kara Town