PENNY SAGE | 'Far Nearer' Collection Campaign

The strange and mysterious Rockaway Beach lends itself as the backdrop to Penny Sage’s new collection ‘Far Nearer’. In complete contrast to the vacant location, is Zaga Skerletovic - with her warmth, openness and a zinging kind of energy, playing against the deserted landscape. Photographed by Greta van der Star on 35mm film, ‘Far Nearer’ pulls on both of these qualities and somewhere in the middle, at that delicate collision point, lays the indescribable tension that exists within every Penny Sage collection.

For ‘Far Nearer’, Penny Sage continues to collaborate, this time with three exceptional makers, each of whom echo designer Kate Megaw's love of crafting and strong ethical values:

Bagru Textiles | 

Penny Sage is very happy to have worked with Bagru Textiles to create exclusive prints for this season. Located in the Jaipur area of India, Bagru is a cooperative of artisans specializing in the crafts of wooden hand-block printing and natural dyeing. Bagru uphold the centuries-old technique of carving designs into wooden blocks that are then inked and stamped by hand to print fabric.

Marta Katarzyna Buda | 

Wellington-based textile designer Marta Buda has created this season’s 'dance' print — alluding to the overall inspiration for the ‘Far Nearer’ collection: the films of the experimental dancer Maya Deren. Stills from Deren’s films were used as a basis for the line drawing, which depicts dancers frozen in motion. Marta also designed the 'Bagru' cut-out print, working closely with Bagru Textiles on all colour and technical developments. 

Zelda Murray | 

Auckland-based jeweller Zelda Murray has custom-made and hand-finished a series of brass buttons for the stand out ‘Hammid’ jacket and the ‘Eye of Night’, ‘Duse’, and ‘Tauber’ coats.

These ideas of supporting one another to create something beautiful, that is also kind on the environment, is something Penny Sage’s designer Kate Megaw is extremely passionate about.


TEXT | Yasmine Ganley of ANYONEGIRL

CREATIVE DIRECTION | Kate Megaw of Penny Sage and Greta van der Star

PHOTOGRAPHY | Greta van der Star

MODEL | Zaga Skerletovic